Progress since october 2012 
I am 1m60 , I don ‘t know my weight and I really don’t care ! :)

Slow progress because recovery from Boulimia… But I fought this bitch !! If I can, you can !

How ? Eat healthy asap, exercise without exess (2-3 times a week ), walk/bike instead of take the bus, a lot of water (2l a day : 1 tea, 1 cofee then only water. I add some lemon sometimes ;) )
Stop purge/vomit : as soon I stop to purge, it’s looks paradoxical but I lost weight.

Thanks a lot my Soulmate who help me to love myself more. I am so HAPPIER now ! <3

You will have bad days, you will gain then lost fat, it’s not a diet but a long journey.
I am still on mine, and for the rest of my life !
I don’t restrict myself anymore, I eat chocolate, biscuits, but sometimes and for pleasure, it not emotional eating anymore !
Don’t restrict yourself, just moderation, and keep going.

Eat right, have fun, exercise, no drama, it’s life, you will die one day, so, HAVE FUN AND DISCOVER YOURSELF !

Chose a sport that you enjoy. It’s supposed to be a pleasure, not a punishment !

I’m here for your quetion,
Your french friend, Banana-runner <3

Ps : Love yourself. Imperfection is beautiful.